It is a first step by Iran in response to more than a year of US pressure against Iran.

The US has said it would it impose sanctions on Iran’s iron, steel, aluminium and copper sectors, which the White House said were Tehran’s “largest non-petroleum-related source of export revenue”. In a statement announcing the sanctions on Wednesday, US President Donald Trump said Tehran should expect further actions from the US unless it fundamentally alters its conduct. Since exit from the Iran deal, which is broken beyond repair, the United States has put forward 12 conditions that offer the basis of a comprehensive agreement with Iran. The move comes hours after Iran’s leaders said they would cease to implement some of its commitments under the 2015 nuclear accord, putting the deal at risk of collapse. Trump withdrew the US from the deal last year.While the Trump administration has called for its allies to support its moves against Iran, President Donald Trump on Wednesday said that he has no intention of starting a war with Tehran.


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