We are humbly appealing you to find a future for these people who came to seek american aid to overcome human misery.

Celui dont le cœur est ressuscité par l’amour ne mourra jamais.
One whose heart is resurrected by love will never die.

Proverbe persan (1880)
To be human does not cost anything



Mister president we are badly affected By the actual immigration policy of the united states of America.
We are borne protect democracy around the world, we are fighting against dictators all over the world.We are fight for freedom in the world.We are fighting for better ,humain and acceptable living conditions for people around the world.
I think it was not that difficalt for you to understand my position.
You mister Donald Trump,were elected President of the United States America according to the American constitution.We have been fightng since you are elected,to achieve social peace in states,it means for us, peace in the world.Although some politiciens in the states did not understand this.Creating social unrest will take no one,no where,other than certain politicians,who are power crazy.
What i hear in the news reel in France and uk, about deportation of innocent immigrants of Hispanic and other origines with children.
Some of them are suffrening from diffent diseases and under age children and old people.
We are badly concerned about this situation.
America is one of the richest countries in the world.
These people are contributing to development of the American economy.They work in professions ,where most of the americans refuse to work(restaurants, fast foods and cafes and some hard working industries)There is absolutly no doubt about it and this a proven fact.Any ecnomist in the world will witness.
It is inhuman to illtreat and deport like criminals, the people who never commited any harm to the american society.
What i do not understand is,how you can not distiguish, the diffrence between a criminel and a innocent immigrant , even though it concerns illicit immigration.
We were aware that in the united states of america ,the prisons are full of organised criminal gangs,belonging diffrent hispanic and blabk communities.

They are the people who shold be deported.Please Clean the american society to get rid of drug dealers,human smugglers and the prostitution rings.We will support you.

Unfortunately President Barack Obama has done nothing to resolve the social problems.This is why hundreds of thousands of , hispanic ,sri lankans indians voted you mister Trump.

The community of immigrents, i am taking about,there are interlectuels and real geniuse people who can serve America. These kids will grow up and will contribute to the development of the American society in the coming decades.
We beg you to change this immigration policy of deportation under any condition.Please give us a living example in the coming weeks.We will be so happy to hear.
This is the one and only way to change the bad public opinion.You have been achieving so much economic sucess for USA.But you are acutely suffering from a lack of social sucess.
The separation of Families were practiced only by the Nazi.
For me, what ever your political enemies say,You are a great democrat.
This is my utermost and honest opinion.I am a journalist, but i am quite different from most of them.I am sure you observed it.
We are humbly appealing you to find a future for these people who came to seek american aid to overcome human misery.
This how you you can make America great again !

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