President Donald Trump visit to united nations

WASHINGTON — President Trump’s speech to the United Nations is to draw ttes is deeply concerned about united nation’s fast growing uncontrolled administration budget.The world leaders mostly anxious, not just about the global and national security challenges, but about Trump himself.
While the still-new president hopes to use his first appearance before the U.N. General Assembly to rally other countries against North Korea’s nuclear threats, some world leaders are still reeling from their last interactions with the somewhat testy Trump at global summits earlier this year.
Administration officials said Trump will arrive in New York with multiple missions, including trying to convince other countries to help the U.S. pressure North Korea into ghe attention of the world leaders.President Donald Trump declared that united saiving up nuclear weapons. He plans to criticize the Obama-era nuclear deal with Iran and address the economic meltdown in Venezuela and also the concerns about the ongoing civil war in Syria.

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