“Il n’y a que les imbéciles qui ne changent pas d’avis”…

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“Il n’y a que les imbéciles qui ne changent pas d’avis”

C’est Emmanuel Macron qui à envoyé l’Ouragan Irma à ile Saint martin
Joseph Don





“Il n’y a que les imbéciles qui ne changent pas d’avis”

It is very easy to criticise the french president on unfounded,unreasonable grounds.

Île saint martin island should have taken necessary precautions and measures to ensure protection by creating a natural disaster protection fund.
Development of tourism around world is highly positive for developping countries and islands like saint Martin as it’s an excellent source of employment. Ile Saint Martin is highly cosmopolitan and very tolerant society.But we often forgets that unregulated tourism have created an extremely large inconveniences,where the Nature and the Global warming is concerned.Global warming is a scientifically proven fact.
We question,why there are unprecedented natural desasters are ravaging the planet.
Joseph Don
Brassages de milliards de dollars et Euros dans la décennie passées avec l’industrie de tourisme et des autres activités lier a des tourismes.
L’île Saint-Martin aurait dû prendre les précautions et mesures nécessaires pour assurer la protection en créant un fonds de protection contre les catastrophes naturelles
Développement du tourisme, C’est très bien pour le tourisme et aussi pour la création de emplois. Ile saint Martin est très cosmopolite et très tolèrent. Mais on oublie souvent tourisme à créer un énorme inconvénient quand il agit d’équilibre de la nature. On pose des questions pourquoi il y a au temps de déchainements et ravages de la nature contre l’homme.
Joseph Don

Source Wikipédia
During the 2014/2015 cruise year cruise tourism generated nearly $423 million in direct expenditures. For the entire 2014/2015 cruise year, the estimated 1.85 million cruise passengers who visited St. Maarten spent a total of $354.7 million ($US) and the estimated 377,390 crew who visited St. Maarten spent an estimated total of $45.0 million ($US).
Both sides of the island largely depend on tourism, but the French part of the island is falling behind economically, as the main airport, casino’s and facilities for larger cruise ships are located on the Dutch part of the island. St. Maarten is a major destination for large cruise ships in the Caribbean.
Most tourists come from the US, which makes the island highly exposed to the US economic business cycle. In addition, its potential growth level is low, as it is hard to reach substantial productivity gains in the services sector.
While the south is known for its casinos, exotic drinks, jewelry and nightlife while the north is better known for its beaches, shopping and restaurants, the north “French side” of the island is known having the best food culture in the Caribbean.
In the south (Netherlands), there are 37 beaches; in the north (French West Indies) beaches allow sunbathers to go topless (there is also the clothing optional Orient Beach). At the border between the French and Dutch territories is the Caribbean’s largest lagoon, Simpson Bay, which attracts tourists with yachts.


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